My Spiritual Journey through Kundalini Awakening
Fooled by the Ego


After a very hectic workday, I finally rested my mind.  Usually, I do quite a bit of spiritual work each day, but time didn’t allow this today.  After my mind began to rest from the day, the ego took over with great ferocity.

This feeling of separateness from world and loneliness came over me with the underlying fear ever present.  These feelings have not affected me for some time, so they felt only vaguely familiar. I felt unloved, unlovable, and separate from my world.  After these feelings passed, I realized it was my ego creating them.  They are not real.

Our egos have this ability to cause us to believe and feel that these feelings are true.  They are not.  The ego creates fear within us, and separateness from others.  It is through awareness that we can identify these feelings created by ego, and only through awareness can we finally silence our egos. ~ Healing light, Brooke (Copyright 2012 Kundalini Spirit)

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