My Spiritual Journey through Kundalini Awakening
Why Hurt People Hurt Others


Why do people who have been wounded hurt others?  Whether our collective ego as a society or our individual egos, ego prevents us from seeing our emotional problems as a society and individually.  Repressing and Suppressing feelings from our emotional trauma, pain, and wounds are caused by fear and guilt when our egos, through our minds, instantly will thrust these feelings into the unconscious as soon as it tries to emerge.  What we experience are denial and projection in our lives. These repressed feelings are so threatening that we will project them onto the world and those around us.  We experience these feelings as if they belong to others.  ”They” become the enemy, and the mind searches for and finds justification to reinforce these projections.  Blame is placed on people, places, institutions, food, climatic conditions, astrological events, social conditions, fate, God, luck, the devil, foreigners, ethnic groups, political rivals, and other things outside of us.

As a result of these suppressed and repressed feelings, we blame and lash out at others as we project and experience these feelings as if they belong to others and truly believe that others are our enemy trying to hurt us.  Our minds search for and finds justifications to reinforce these projections to substantiate our illusions. We, as a society, commit mass murders, holocausts, genocides, and wars all resulting from our justifications to reinforce these projections so to substantiate our illusions as a society.  We, as individuals, commit revenge, retaliation, abuse, violence, coercion, and control others in our individual lives as we justify our own illusions.

The first step to overcoming our suppressed and repressed feelings, and thus, our denials, projections, and justifications is awareness by looking inward to acknowledge what is really happening to us.  Once we come to recognize that our illusions are self created by our egos through our own minds, we can begin the hard work of dealing and working through our suppressed and repressed feelings associated with our emotional trauma, pain, and wounds.  The two practices I use are “Emotional Release Practice” and “Observing Ego Practice” found at these tabs on my Blogsite Homepage.  May you overcome your illusions. (Copyright 2014 Kundalinin Spirit with All Rights Reserved)     

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Revelations I


During our spiritual journeys, we come to moments of clarity, understanding clearly what is happening to us and in our lives, also known as a revelation.  These revelations, I believe, are messages or guides on our journey to help us move forward on our paths.  These moments are so clear in my mind, that I stand stunned in my tracks.

As I stand on my path, I realize that each person brought into my life has helped to serve as my life lessons and tests.  Our free will may cause us to choose different careers, partners, friends, etc, but the lessons and tests are still the same that we must learn as we each have our specific lessons to learn, and tests to pass. How do we know we are going through our lessons and tests?  It is when we say, we just want to quit and just want all this to go away.  These tests are intended to help us build courage, internal strength, and character.  

After each lesson we learn and test we pass, we are given the next set of lessons we are intended to learn and tests we must pass to grow spiritually and emotionally as human beings.  Many of these lessons are about facing our past emotional pain, and the test is letting go of that pain.  This is the ascension process.  Through each lesson and test passed, we ascend and evolve further and further towards the Divine to the spiritual and emotional state we were first born to this earth.  

I am on such a path, and have passed my latest test.  After passing such a test, we shed another layer of dross or emotional pain caused by our past trauma, pain, and hurt, and we become a new version of ourselves.  My gratitude is boundless, and I am humbled by all that I have experienced.  Blessing of love, and peace to all. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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If your going to stay, stay forever. If your going to leave, do it today. If I stay (via soulsscrawl)

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Music is the art of sounds in the movement of time.

Heart shift Words that have always stood by me
Courage isn’t having the strength to go on—it is going on when you don’t have strength. Napoleon (via elige)

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And I believe this way can be the same for everyone :)

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Healing Energy Cords


In the energy body, we have cords of energy extending from our our chakras, and meridians.  When we have emotional wounds, they create injured cords extending from our energy fields that can attach to others who also are emotionally wounded.  I have recently come to understand how these cords work within our energy fields.  

Many of us have emotional injuries connected to our solar plexus chakra.  The solar plexus chakra reflects emotional areas of self-esteem, self-image, energy, will, responsibility, and power. Emotional wounds resulting in blockages in the solar plexus chakra has to do with our basic relationship with our inner self caused by shame. The solar plexus chakra is located below the diaphragm, and connected to our astral body. 

When we have emotional injuries related to this chakra, we can be easily controlled by others emotionally, energetically, or mentally.  However, it is possible to close the circuit of these injured cords so that others cannot attach or try to enter our energy fields through these injured areas. It is through our own emotional wounds that we attract others to our energy fields, and these unhealthy connections may result in more emotional injuries to ourselves.

I have used body work and imagery work to loosen energy cords and connect my injured energy cords to my heart chakra.  After the massage therapist loosened my injured cords, through imagery, I visualized my injured cords connecting to my heart chakra, thereby closing off these open cords.   I also have used crystals for healing and protecting my energy field.  Please see this LINK for the metaphysical healing properties of crystals and their usages.  Sending healing love and light. (Copyright 2014 Kundalini Spirit with All Rights Reserved)

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